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Research, archive and genealogical services
Our public office team provides inspection facilities for members of the public to view all current and archive rating records and maps. Our archives contain the original books and surveys carried out in the 1840s, books and maps of Griffith's Valuations in the 1850s, and documentation showing the subsequent revisions up to the current position. The public office team also provides the following certificates and services:  
  • Current certificates of rateable valuation
  • Historical certificates of rateable valuation
  • Certified copies of valuation maps
  • Provisional valuation certificates
  • Inspection of archival material
  • Inspection of the results of the revision and appeal process
The following details are held in relation to each property:
  • Occupier Name
  • Townland
  • Address
  • Description of Property
  • Acreage of Holding
  • Rateable value and Reference to it's position on a Valuation Map
The archive is unique in that it can relate people to a particular property. In addition, the property location is outlined on a valuation map. The Valuation maps are also archived so it may be possible to locate the exact position of a house or property of a particular family back to C.1850. Please see details of fees payable for Genealogical Research.
What information do I need to trace a particular property?
In rural areas you will need, at a minimum, the name of the County, the name of the Townland and the name of the person or family. In a City or Town, the street name is also required.
Please click contact us to contact us if you have any enquiries relating to Genealogy issues.
Public Office and Archives
Please Note: If you wish to call in to our office to research, there is no need to make an appointment, we are open to the public from 9.15am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and we are open through lunch.

  • General enquiries       01-8171035 / 1112 / 1127
  • Certificates                   01-8171112 / 1127 / 6464 / 1035
  • Maps                              01-8171106
  • Research Services      01-8171149 / 1035
  • Email                
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