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Last updated at 09:52 on 06/04/2017

Welcome to the Valuation Office information page for Westmeath County Council  ratepayers. From this section of the website you can keep up to date with what valuation office activity is being carried out in your Local Authority area.

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The revaluation of all commercial and industrial properties in the Longford, Roscommon and Westmeath County Council rating authority areas has now reached the Proposed Valuation Certificate issue stage. On the 12th January 2017 Proposed Valuation Certificates were issued to approximately 6,500 ratepayers in these Local Authority areas. Ratepayers who are satisfied with their proposed valuation do not have to respond to the Valuation Office. Ratepayers who are dissatisfied with any material aspect of the Proposed Valuation Certificate may make representations to the valuation manager up to and including 21st February 2017. Final Valuation Certificates will be issued in September 2017 and will take effect from January 2018. For further information on Revaluation in your Local Authority area follow the links below.

A Proposed Valuation Certificate and Explanatory Letter has issued by post to every ratepayer in these local authority areas. Ratepayers may view relevant information and make Representations using the links below.

Before making Representations (Information)

Make Representations here for commercial properties in Westmeath County Council Area

Frequently Asked Questions About The Revaluation

View copy of Valuation Order For Westmeath County Council Rating Authority Area