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Last updated at 14:12 on 30/10/2015

Welcome to the Valuation Office: Ireland's State property valuation agency.

The core business of the Office is the provision of accurate, up-to-date valuations of commercial and industrial properties to ratepayers and rating authorities as provided by the Valuation Act 2001 and the Valuation (Amendment Act) 2015. The Office is currently engaged in a national programme to revalue all commercial and industrial properties in Ireland. The purpose of these revaluations is to bring more equity, fairness and transparency into the local authority rating system for non domestic property. 

In addition to rolling out the national revaluation programme the office provides valuation services for rates purposes to all Rating Authorities known as revision. Revision applications (Listings) for valuations arise from a material change to an existing commercial property such as an extension, a subdivision or an amalgamation of two or more properties or the completion of a completely new commercial property.

Once a revision application has been made the Commissioner appoints a valuer [revision officer] to investigate the application and if appropriate to value the new/altered property.

The Valuation Office endeavours to process each revision application within six months of the application being made.

This section of the website enables Rating Authorities to track online the progress of their application through the valuation process and to download files.

Where a Revaluation of a Rating Authority area is taking place there will be a limited revision program in that Rating Authority area for the duration of the revaluation .