Preliminary Analysis of the Results of Reval 2017

Last updated at 14:28 on 11/10/2017


Please be aware that this is preliminary analysis which is based on the indicative ARV’s provided by each County Council (as of 14/09/17) which are subject to change.


In January the Valuation Office started the process of sending out Proposed Valuation Certificates (PVC) to ratepayers in the rating authority areas of Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Leitrim, Longford, Offaly, Roscommon, Sligo and Westmeath County Councils. Proposed Valuation Certificates were also sent to ratepayers in South Dublin County Council as part of the second revaluation of the County.This signalled the start of the “representations” phase of Reval 2017 in which each ratepayer dissatisfied with their proposed valuation had 40 days, from the date of issue of their certificate, to submit representations. 4,050 representations were received from ratepayers across the 9 Local Authority areas being revalued for the first time. Each of these was considered and as a result of these approximately 17%[1] of properties saw a decrease in their Net Annual Value. The number of PVC’s issued and representations received per county can be seen here. Across the 9 Counties being revalued for the first time, some 60% of ratepayers will see a reduction in their rates liability. This is in line with other revaluations conducted to date under the National Revaluation Programme.

The four main categories of rateable property in every local authority are Retail (Shops), Offices, Industrial Units and businesses in the Hospitality sector. These categories make up over 80% of the ratepaying base across the 9 counties.

Based on the indicative Annual Rates of Valuation (ARV’s) supplied by the Local Authorities (as of 14/09/17) you can see some aggregated statistics relating to these categories of property.


% of   Ratepayers who will experience a Reduction in Rates

% of   Ratepayers who will experience an Increase in Rates

No Change/New   Property

Retail   (Shops)
















[1] This figure excludes any items that were removed from the list during consideration of representations.

[2]Properties categorised as Industrial include workshops, warehouses and factories

[3] Properties categorised as Hospitality include Hotels and Pubs

A breakdown of specific outcomes for each Local Authority area can be found by clicking on the county name below.

Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Leitrim, Longford, Offaly, Roscommon, Sligo, Westmeath

The outcomes contained on this page do not include the outcome of the second Revaluation of South Dublin but statistics relating to this can be found here .

Rates are a charge on the occupation of commercial and industrial property and are a major contributor to the funding of and delivery of services by Local Authorities each year. Rates payable by an individual ratepayer are a product of the Net Annual Value (NAV) set by the Valuation Office and the ARV (set by the relevant Local Authority). For the 9 Counties where a first Revaluation has just been completed the outcome of the revaluation will become effective from January 2018. In those Counties 58% of ratepayers will pay less that €2,500 per year in rates, 79% will pay less than €5,000 and 86% will pay less that €7,500[1]

Further analysis will be conducted when the final ARV’s are set by the elected members of each Local Authority at their respective annual budgetary meetings during November.

[1] This is based on the Indicative ARV’s provided by each Local Authority as of 14/09/17