Laois Revaluation Reaching Major Milestone

Last updated at 10:13 on 12/09/2018

The consideration of representations in the Laois rating authority area has begun. The table below sets out the current position with regard to the number of Representations received.

The making of “representations” by ratepayers who are dissatisfied with any aspect of their Proposed Valuation Certificate (PVC) is an important element in ensuring that all relevant information is available before valuations are finalised. Representations received by the Valuation Office will be considered over the coming weeks and any adjustments warranted by the information provided will be made and reflected in the final Valuation Certificates issuing to ratepayers in Laois in October 2018. At that stage, parties who are still dissatisfied with their valuation will have a right of appeal to the independent Valuation Tribunal to be exercised within 28 days of issue of the final Valuation Certificates.

PVC Issue Date

Number of PVCs Issued

Representations Received


Representations Closing Date