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National Archives publishes Valuation Office Books covering 1824 to 1856

Posted on 02/12/2016

The printed volumes of the Primary (or Griffith’s) Valuation, the record of Ireland’s first comprehensive property tax, have been available online for many years, and are a crucial part of the genealogical infrastructure for the mid-nineteenth century. But the records which...

Valuation Office publishes new Strategic Plan

Posted on 04/11/2016

Our new Strategic Plan Valuing our Potential covering the period 2017 to 2019 is now available here (link) Valuing our Potential outlines the key priorities for our organisation over the next three years and the actions we will be taking to give effect to these priorit...

Consolidated text of Valuation Acts now available ..

Posted on 27/10/2016

In September 2016, the Law Reform Commission completed an administrative consolidation of the Valuation Act 2001, as amended.

Carlow and Kilkenny Revaluation Underway

Posted on 27/09/2016

Valuation Orders, which set in train the process for the revaluation of all commercial and industrial property in the Carlow and Kilkenny rating authority areas, were signed on Friday the 23rd September 2016 by John O’Sullivan, Commissioner of Valuation.

Consultation on new Valuation Office Statement of Strategy 2017- 2019

Posted on 26/08/2016

The Valuation Office would welcome input for the Statement of Strategy for 2017 - 2019