Consultants/Agents Online Services

Last updated at 18:01 on 01/05/2014

Welcome to the Valuation Office Consultants / Agents online services. This section of the website deals with both Revision and Revaluation online services.

Revision: - From this section of the website you can view your client’s details, track Revision applications and Appeals you have made on behalf of your clients, view revision valuation reports, make representations access various revision related forms and view Revision & FAQs.

Revaluation: - This section of the website will also allow you to interact online with the Valuation Office in relation to revaluation. You can submit Revaluation Information forms, view proposed valuation reports, make Representations on behalf of your clients, view final valuation report and outcome of representations and access various revaluation related forms and view Revaluation FAQs.