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Last updated at 14:58 on 18/03/2015

How does the valuation office adjust rental transactions for Rating Purposes?

Rental transactions or headline rents are analysed in order to arrive at the Net Effective Rent (NER) of each property.This paper adjustment of commercial lease transactions for Rating Purposes deals with the subject.

How do I obtain a Valuation Report for my client’s property?

You must first submit a letter of authority from your client to act on his/her behalf and send it to this Office, on receipt of which the required information will be made available to you when you contact us at

What are the Rate Multipliers for all Local Authority areas?

The Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV) for each Local Authority is listed on Annual Rates of Valuation

Can I get information about my client’s property which is the subject of a revaluation or revision?

Please provide details of the property on which you require information. You may email the request to and we we will contact you about your concerns.

Can I have my client’s information (certificates etc) sent to me?

Yes you can if you send us a letter of authorisation from your client to release the required information and/or certificate.

What is the next Local Authority area that will be the subject of a revaluation?

The Commissioner is considering the next local authority areas for revaluation and when a definitive decision has been made, the local authorities identified for revaluation will be made known on this website.

Is the valuation office carrying out a revision programme this year?

Yes. This Office has an ongoing programme of Revision and liaises closely with local authorities to ensure that priority cases are dealt with as expeditiously as possible and to agree timelines for delivery of revisions generally. Information will be made available about our revision and revaluation programs on the Consultants/Agent/Service report by area section of this website

My client’s property was listed for revision, how long will the process take?

It depends on priorities at the time of application, however there is an obligation under the Valuation Act, 2001 to deal with the case within 6 months of its assignment to the Revision Officer and every effort is made to dispose of such casework within a shorter timeframe. You may track your clients revision request using our online tracking page. You will need the Property Number and PIN to enable access to the application.

Will the valuation office keep me informed about certificate issues as part of the revaluation process?

Yes. As a matter of routine, the Office will post information notices on this website when Certificates of Valuation are about to issue. If you are registered as the agent for a particular property a copy of the certificates will be sent to you.

What information should I include when making a representation on my client’s behalf?

When making representations, you will be required to state the reason for your representations. For example, you should provide matter of fact information where  area details are incorrect or, where valuation levels are inconsistent with the valuations of similar properties located in the same rating authority area, details of those properties. For further information see the Before making representations page

Can I check valuations in a Local Authority area that has been the subject of a revaluation?

Yes. Following revaluation, the Valuations are available for inspection on this website at Check property valuations online .

How many Local Authority areas has been the subject of a revaluation?

The following Local Authority areas have been the subject of a general revaluation conducted under the provisions of the Valuation Act 2001 and a new Valuation List has been published for these areas as shown below. A new Valuation List will be issued for Limerick City and County Council areas on the 31st December 2014.

Local Authority Area

 Date of Publication of new Valuation List

Limerick City & County Council

 31st December 2014

Dublin City Council

 31st December 2013

Waterford City Council

 31st December 2013

Waterford County Council

 31st December 2013

Dungarvan Town Council

 31st December 2013

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

 31st December 2010

Fingal County Council

 31st December 2009

South Dublin County Council

 31st December 2007

The new Valuations for the above areas may be searched from Check property valuation online page. Only data for Rateable Property items will be located by your search of these Local Authority areas.